How gender-smart are you in the workplace?

Find out by taking the gender-smart assessment here:

http://www.classroomclipboard.com/715727/Home/Test/1E8B3014F01D44059C08CFC731B53D02 (access code is T87LSCY)

Contact Fulcrum Connection (412-742-9675) to learn more about our gender-smart framework and tactics.

Fulcrum Connection has created a framework and tactics for a simple and effective inclusive approach to close the gender leadership gap. The framework and tactics are needed to address what we call the difference double bind. On one hand, there is neuroscientific evidence that men and women think differently and behavioral evidence that thinking differently improves group intelligence. On the other hand, it is hard to work effectively with people who think differently than you. Put our gender-smart framework and tactics to work for you and your organization. Dr. Valerie Patrick provides training, speeches, and consulting on our inclusive approach to close the gender leadership gap.

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Close the Gender Leadership Gap for WEB 6Sept2016