Empowerment Skills for Creativity to Flourish

Positional power, reward power, or coercive power by others gets in the way of creativity while expert and referent power are supportive of creativity. Discover our courses and facilitation services to tap into expert and referent power and manage positional, reward, and coercive power to bring out your best for problem-solving and ideas to change things for the better.

When Bad Teams Happen to Good People:

“This timely book provides readers with a new way of thinking about work and survival strategies for those who find themselves on bad teams. Readers who are looking for a playbook that can help them to understand and develop soft skills needed for teamwork will be eager to have a copy nearby.”—Booklist

Helping People Become Excellent Business Leaders

Change for the Better:

Leaders change themselves and their organizations for the better so an investment in leadership is an investment in organizational performance. Check out our leadership content and programs designed for today's knowledge workers.

Teamwork Book