Empower Yourself for Better Communication, Leadership, and Management

Vermont-based Fulcrum Connection LLC seeks to provide empowerment skills and group experiences for creativity to flourish. Our services include instructional design, training, speaking, facilitation, and consulting to make problem-solving and changing things for the better accessible to all.

Valerie Patrick, a PhD chemical engineer, works directly with clients to customize services to their unique needs. Contact Dr. Patrick by phone (412) 742-9675 (412) 742-9675 or email (valerie.patrick@fulcrumconnection.com) to explore if your individual or group needs can be met by the experience and content that Dr. Patrick has to offer based on her over 30 years working for and with corporate clients and nonprofits.

Also check out our extensive resources below and Dr. Patrick's latest book to empower you for high-performance teamwork titled When Bad Teams Happen to Good People: Your Complete Repair Guide for Successful Teamwork (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1632651823)