Current Science of Collaboration

Science of Collaboration

As a trained STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) scientist with an above-average interest in collaboration, I would really like to understand the current science of collaboration. This post started with the question of whether or not collaboration comes naturally to gathered people. The search for an answer to this question took me on a…

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Leveraging Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainability

Leveraging Stakeholder Engagement

Those in sustainability leadership positions at their organizations understand the importance of stakeholders in achieiving sustainability results. For example, business environmental gurus Daniel Esty and Andrew Winston in ‘Green to Gold’ recommend stakeholder mapping as a key component to a sustainability business strategy ( This stakeholder mapping is largely geared towards an organization identifying new…

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Secret Ingredients for Creating Organizational Value

Ingredients to Create Organizational Value

There are profound ways in which life has changed over the past fifty-something years that I have been alive that got me thinking about the role that learning needs to play in creating organizational value. For example, some of the things that I have had to learn about that have greatly impacted my life include…

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