Reinvigorating Your Brain When Disengaged

Reinvigorating your Brain

Reinvigorating your brain is the solution to being disengaged. This is because disengagement is emotional detachment and the brain is the body’s emotional and cognitive control center. I got interested in the topic of disengagement from GaIlup’s report that in 2014 less than one-third (31.5%) of U.S. employees were engaged in their work (see:…

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Harmony and Diversity Lessons from Fused Glass

Diversity Lessons from Fused Glass

I recently visited really good friends in Long Island and learned some harmony and diversity lessons from a fused glass experience. My friend and I both identify ourselves as artistic – not as a profession – but as a hobby. We both like handmade jewelry in addition to hand-blown glass objects. We also have been…

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Contradiction and Creativity Make Good Bedfellows

Contradiction and Creativity make Good Bedfellows

The ‘good bedfellow’ relationship between contradiction and creativity can be gleaned from recent neuroscience findings. I got interested in neuroscience after attending the ‘science of learning’ track at the annual Association for Talent Development (ATD) meeting in Orlando Florida last month ( I was impressed with the overall high quality of the neuroscience presentations at…

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