How Women Can Survive and Thrive Among Men

How Women Can Thrive Amongst Men at Work

The Science of Success Podcast interview with Joanna Wolfe (Episode 9 at got me thinking about how women can survive and thrive among men in male-dominated workplaces. On the one hand, the topic of women surviving and thriving in male-dominated workplaces seems so outdated. Shouldn’t we have solved this challenge by now? On the…

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009- Secrets to Effective Technical Collaborations

Project Team

In this episode, Dr. Joanna Wolfe, Professor and Director of the Global Communication Center at Carnegie Mellon University and author of Team Writing: A Guide to Working in Groups, talks about the different types of collaboration available to technical project teams and the challenges associated with gender diversity. Dr. Wolfe shares some strategies to surface…

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System Building Skills for Those Who Lead

Systems Thinking

I wanted to write about system building skills for those who lead as a result of the podcast interview I had with Dr. Terry Yosie, Executive Director of the World Environment Center (listen to and download Episode 8 of the podcast here:; also available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio as “Science of Success: Social…

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008- How to Lead to win the Planetary Poker Game

Planet Earth

In this episode, Dr. Terry Yosie, President and CEO of the World Environment Center and an experienced executive in both the private and public sectors, talks about the leadership and organizational capabilities that will be needed to win the “planetary poker game” we are in the midst of playing. Terry provides some examples of how…

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