Neuroscience Perspective on What is NLP

Neuroscience Perspective

There should be a neuroscience perspective on what is NLP because NLP, neurolinguistic programming, includes the syllable “neuro.” When Dr. Nancy Mramor, a licensed clinical, media and health psychologist, explains what NLP is, she says it’s based off the work of genius hypnotherapist Milton Erickson ( I have to admit that when I hear the…

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025 – How to Improve Rapport with NLP

Improve Rapport with NLP

In this episode, Dr. Nancy Mramor Kajuth, author of two award-winning books and President of Transformedia LLC, talks about the power of NLP or neurolingistics programming to improve interactions with others in the workplace. Dr. Mramor talks about several different science-based techniques from neurolinguistics programming to build rapport with another person. == Subscribe to the…

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