Who Is the Competent Collaborator?

Ever since the late 1980’s, when people started turning to the Internet as a source of information, the sheer amount of information available has come into sharper focus. When I was in grade school, some time before the 1980’s, people still used physical libraries to find information – yes that is how old I am…

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Simplicity Is As Simplicity Does in Communication

Role of Simplicity and Complexity in Communication

Simplicity is as simplicity does in communication means that it is about what simplicity can accomplish in communication not simplicity because it looks good. I got interested in how simplicity relates to communication from Skip Prichard’s comment that ‘simplicity….is actually not a simple subject’ in his post ‘The Power of the Simple’ (http://www.skipprichard.com/the-power-of-the-simple/). Simplicity in…

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