007- How to Work with Others to Tackle System Challenges

Climate Change

In this episode, Daniel Kreeger, Executive Director of the Association for Climate Change Officers, talks about the importance of working with others to tackle system challenges like adaptation to climate change by organizations and society. Dan provides examples of how organizations are tackling climate change and how a professional organization can provide support to professionals…

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Climate Change Calls for Capabilities Beyond Social

Climate Change Increasing Drought in Midwest

Climate change calls for capabilities beyond social intelligence that I am calling collaboration intelligence. Climate change is a systems challenge with the earth and the earth’s atmosphere as the system. If you don’t take care of all relevant aspects of the system in undertaking actions to adapt to climate change, then you can have unintended…

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Surprising Secret to Increasing Your Value in the Workplace

How to Increase Value of Knowledge Work

The surprising secret to increasing your value in the workplace came from an assessment of the Knowledge Work Framework presented in Episode 6 of the Science of Success Podcast (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/). I became interested in knowledge work because I noticed that over the course of my 25-year corporate career, degree requirements for entry-level jobs had shifted.…

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006- How the Most Successful Knowledge Workers Work

Knowledge Worker Framework

In this episode, I describe a reference structure called the Knowledge Work Framework to serve as a checklist for work that requires ideas, thinking, creativity, and innovation to be successful. The framework acknowledges the importance of interacting with other people. Therefore, I conclude the episode describing the qualities of a socially intelligent leader. == Subscribe…

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