Getting Back on Track When Thrown out of Whack

Getting Back on Track When Thrown Out of Whack

When something goes out of whack socially, it can throw you off track. When you’re thrown off track, it’s typically because something someone said or did triggered an unhelpful emotion such as self-doubt, fear, anger, or jealousy. Unhelpful emotions are the emotions that get in the way of contribution. There is something you can do…

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023 – How to Be an Inclusive Leader

Inclusive Leader

In this episode, Lauren Leader-Chivee, an activist, expert, and advisor on diversity and women’s issues and author of “Crossing the Thinnest Line: How Embracing Diversity – from the Office to the Oscars – Makes America Stronger,” talks about why and how American diversity is its best and most underleveraged asset. Ms. Leader-Chivee also talks about…

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To Manage or Not to Manage Performance

Performance Management

Performance management is the wrong tool when it comes to knowledge work. Don’t get me wrong – there is a place for performance management. However, knowledge work and performance management don’t work well together. To manage means to be in charge of and performance is accomplishing a task or activity. Someone being in charge of…

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